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Demolition Program - Chautauqua County Land BankThe Chautauqua County Land Bank works with local government officials to identify and prioritize blighted land for the annual demolition program schedule. Properties targeted for demolition generally are vacant, abandoned or condemned and structurally unsound, posing health and safety issues for the community.

In 2014, the Chautauqua County Land Bank was fortunate to receive $2 million in funding for the demolition program out of the mortgage settlement funds from the NYS Office of Attorney General. These funds will assist the our land bank and local municipalities in addressing the glut of demolitions needed to reduce blight in the county. 

Strategic Goal

The main goal of the Chautauqua County Land Bank Demolition Program is to schedule unsalvageable properties for demolition to improve surrounding land values, remove community nuisances and stabilize the housing market.

Program Guidelines for Local Municipalities

Local governments in Chautauqua County may access the Land Bank’s grant funding for demolition of unsafe and/or blighted abandoned structures in their community. Currently, funding exists thanks to the Community Revitalization Initiative of the New York State Office of Attorney General, through 2016. Interested communities are encouraged to contact the Land Bank for more information. Criteria for accessing the program funding include the following:

  • Clear Title to the Property – ownership must be in the control of the local municipality, the county, or the Land Bank

  • Commitment of the Chautauqua County Landfill Tipping Fee credits – this program was designed to assist local communities with the cost of demolition disposal. Land Bank program requirements include a commitment to use these credits to cover the cost of the debris disposal

  • Executed contract with the Chautauqua County Land Bank – a sample is available by contacting our office. This agreement outlines the understanding of the relationship with the land bank and its sub-contractors, funders and the municipalities.  It includes necessary provisions based on NYS Public Authorities Act rules and grantor requirements, as well as any in-kind commitments that are negotiated between the land bank and municipality.

  • Executed County Shared Services Agreement – if landfill tipping credits or in-kind services need to be borrowed from other communities, this agreement needs to be on file with the county.

Contact Chautauqua County Land Bank to get involved with our demolition program.

216 E. 1st Street, Jamestown, NY
219 E. 1st Street, Jamestown, NY
8 Institute Street, Jamestown, NY
76 Fairmount Street, Jamestown, NY
719 E 2nd Street, Jamestown, NY
447 Winsor Street, Jamestown, NY
36 Liberty Street, Jamestown, NY
864 Spring Street, Jamestown, NY
842 Spring Street, Jamestown, NY
173.5 S Main Street, Jamestown, NY
225 Allen Street, Jamestown, NY
86 Barrett Avenue, Jamestown, NY
68 Barrett Avenue, Jamestown, NY
99 Baker Street, Jamestown, NY
254 Willard Street, Jamestown, NY
35 Tower Street, Jamestown, NY
250 Willard Street, Jamestown, NY
200 Allen Street, Jamestown, NY
132 Water Street, Jamestown, NY
317 Allen Street, Jamestown, NY
222 Steele Street, Jamestown, NY
219 Willard Street, Jamestown, NY
245 Willard Street, Jamestown, NY
851 No. Main Street, Jamestown, NY
1070 E 2nd Street, Jamestown, NY
21 Jeffords Street, Jamestown, NY
200 Falconer Street, Jamestown, NY
64 Thayer Street, Jamestown, NY
58 Thayer Street, Jamestown, NY
11 Crossman Street, Jamestown, NY
209 Lake Shore Drive, Dunkirk, NY
208 Antelope Street, Dunkirk, NY
49 West 14th Street, Jamestown, NY
101 Park Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
423 Swan Street, Dunkirk, NY
12 West 16th Street, Jamestown, NY
142 Maple Ave., Dunkirk, NY
11 Cowing Street, Jamestown, NY
707 Main Street, Dunkirk, NY
60 E. 7th Street, Dunkirk, NY
855 N. Main Street Front, Jamestown, NY
215 Antelope Street, Dunkirk, NY
219 South Beaver Street, Dunkirk, NY
66 East 2nd Street, Dunkirk, NY
75 Doughty Street, Dunkirk, NY
1856 East Main Street Ext, Ellicott, NY
18-28 N. Portage Street, Westfield, NY
43 E. Main Street, Fredonia, NY
111 Hazzard Street, Jamestown, NY
11 Bush Street, Jamestown, NY
31 Pangolin Street, Dunkirk, NY
630-632 Grant Avenue + lot, Dunkirk, NY

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The city of Dunkirk will be opening bids Monday for asbestos surveys on seven properties that would get them closer to demolition.

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