Recently Sold Rehabs | Chautauqua County Land Bank

40 Spring St
721 Deer St
74 Gardner St
28 University Park
56 N Martin St
320 Delaware Ave
339 Delaware Ave
406 Bucknor St
21 Christy Street
123 W Fifth St
642 Winsor Ave
533 Washington Ave
139 Newton Street
26 Vega Street
62 N Martin Street, Dunkirk, NY
19 Andrus Street, Silvercreek, NY
25 Liberty Street, Jamestown, NY
1309 Newland Street, Jamestown, NY
1115 Prendergast St, Jamestown, NY
71 Fairview Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
412 Dove Street, Dunkirk, NY
768 Eagle Street, Dunkirk, NY
4608 Damon Hill Road, Gerry, NY
4199 (Rear) Bruyer Road, Stockton, NY
77 Union Street, Westfield, NY
25 Academy Street, Westfield, NY
12 Union Street, Westfield, NY
39 N. Portage Street, Westfield, NY
84 Risley Street, Fredonia, NY
42 Almet Avenue, Falconer, NY
241 Clyde Avenue, Jamestown, NY
141 Beechview Avenue, Jamestown, NY
215 Prospect Street, Jamestown, NY
255 Hazeltine Avenue, Jamestown, NY
270 Cole Avenue, Jamestown, NY
123 Weeks Street, Jamestown, NY
233 Lincoln Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
703 Eagle Street, Dunkirk, NY
28 Newton Street, Dunkirk, NY
45 Franklin Street, Westfield, NY
10 Fay Street, Brocton, NY
627 Fairmount Avenue, Ellicott, NY
E. Main Street Ext., Falconer, NY
1913 E. Main Street Ext., Falconer, NY
1913 E Main Street, Jamestown, NY
242 Cole Avenue, Jamestown, NY
119 Hazeltine Avenue, Jamestown, NY
1229 Newland Ave, Jamestown, NY
106 Robin Street, Dunkirk, NY
724 Park Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
76 Kosciuszko Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
62 McDonough Dunkirk, NY
121 Stowe Street, Jamestown, NY
431 Swan Street Dunkirk, NY
734 Main Street + lot, Dunkirk, NY
36 N. Main Street, Cassadaga, NY

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Recent News & Updates

GOOD-BYE: Portage Inn meets its end

Determined to be unsafe as well as unsightly, the long-abandoned Portage Inn on N. Portage Avenue in Westfield was demolished Thursday.

Portage Inn set for demolition

The dangerously decrepit Portage Inn building in downtown Westfield will soon disappear from 18-28 N. Portage St. now that the village board unanimous...

And the walls fall down

The city of Dunkirk will be opening bids Monday for asbestos surveys on seven properties that would get them closer to demolition.

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